Phra Thom also known as the tomb raider temple
Face of Bayan
One of the faces of Bayan in AgkorNatural entrance
Angkor Wat entrance.jpg
Details on the templeDetails in Angkor Wat Angkor Thom
Angkor Wat from above
Army at the North Gate of Angkor
Maize at the terrace of the elephants
Wandering around the maize in Angkor
Bayon faceslss

I think everyone of us has this infamous bucket list of places they want to visit or things they want to do, witnessing the incredible magic of the Angkor temples was certainly very high up on mine. So when I made the decision to quit my job and buy a one way ticket to South East Asia I knew that my journey would definitely lead me to this historical place in the middle of Cambodia.

I was very impressed and blown away by the kingdom’s sophisticated architecture and impeccable ability to attend to detail. Every carving, every bas relief tells an intricate story about their beliefs and lives and so much work has been put in every little inch of those temples. There sure are a hell lot of tourists around you but if you wonder around there are so many incredible beautiful and magical places to discover.

There were two things that I absolutely loved in particular, for one it was seeing the interaction between the ruins and nature. Seeing Mother Nature taking back the grounds that once belonged to her with old trees enthroned up on these old ancient ruins and wandering through the beautiful maize at the terrace of the elephants and admiring the beautifully engraved figures along the walls.

I am just more than happy that I had the opportunity to travel to Cambodia and explore this stunning place and can just recommend everyone to discover these beautiful grounds with their own eyes.


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