Beautiful Pagoda in Bagan

Sunrise over Bagan

Pagodas in Bagan

Sunrise over the beautiful landscape of Bagan

Music Parade in New Bagan
Ballons over Bagan at Sunrise  Down by the River in Bagan

After spending a day in Yangon, I took another night bus to get to the magical temple town of Bagan, which is best known for its magical sunrises overlooking hundreds of Pagodas with dozens of air balloons in the sky. Typical for night buses I arrived super early in Bagan (3.30 am to be precise) and went straight to my accommodation with a bunch of other people that I met at the bus station and that happened to stay at the same place in Bagan (no wonder with pretty much only one Hostel in town).

We arrived at Hostello Bello at 4 AM and were welcomed by a super friendly staff member. Unfortunately we weren’t able to check in until 2PM but they coffee and tea for free and furthermore they have beds on the rooftop, where you can rest for a bit and re-energize after your sleepless night on the bus (if you are anything like me who can’t sleep at all on them). However, I did decide to go to bed but rather join the by the Hostel organized sunrise tour and I am glad I did it because it was an absolutely stunning view that made me completely forget about my tiredness.

However, as soon as I got back to the Hostel the tiredness kicked in and so I decided to take it slow for the rest of the day and just wandered down to the river and through the beautiful streets of New Bagan and had some delicious local curries for dinner.

After getting a good night sleep I woke up super early again in order to get ourselves some badass E-Bikes (tourists are not allowed to drive motorized bikes hence the badass eco-friendly version) and witness another breathtaking sunrise over Bagan. The rest of the day was spent biking around the Pagodas and town, having an incredible lunch at Moon aka the best Restaurant in Bagan which of course happens to be a vegetarian one, a bit of off-road driving in the sand and finally finding a not so crowded Pagoda to end the day in the best possible way, by watching the sun set over the beautiful landscape of Bagan.

I could defintily stayed longer but as I met an awesome bunch of people in Bagan and we all wanted to do the trek from Kalaw to Inle Lake together, I only stayed 2 short but beautiful days in Bagan and found myself on another bus trip (not over night this time) to Kalaw on day 3.

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