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beyondtheordinary_hennan resort_beach chills
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Thanks to my beautiful friend Katharina and her incredible family I recently had the chance to stay at the Hennan Resort on Panglao Island, Bohol in the Philippines or as I liked to call it “my piece of heaven on earth”.

Even though we only spent 4 days at the resort, we made the most of those days, getting up early to satisfy my gym cravings, feasting on all the deliciousness the big breakfast buffet had to offer, swimming in the turquoise water of the ocean and reading and relaxing away on the white sandy beach while sipping on fresh coconuts. At the end of those days we were both seriously considering missing our flight on purpose just to be able to spent a couple more days in this little paradise.

I have been travelling through Southeast Asia for the last 5 month and obviously I have seen a lot of beaches, but to be honest, the beaches that I have seen in the Philippines are the prettiest that I have seen so far. The incredible white sand paired with the stunning blue of the water filled with the a great variety of cute fishies that swim around your feet as soon as you get in and the cute traditional pump boats that anchor on the shore and make the seascape look even more stunning.

But if you don’t want to lie around and relax all day there is plenty more to do for you here. For one you can just take a little walk along the beach where you will find a variety of little shops and restaurants that are located right on the beach so you can actually have a yummy shake or meal while playing with your toes in the sand. In addition there are also a lot of dive schools conveniently located around the resort that are more than happy to take you to the beautiful dive spots around the island. Furthermore, you can do a little trip around the island see the famous chocolate hills, fall in love and try to kidnap one of the adorable little tarsiers or adventure through one of the many stunning caves (post on this is already in the making). So there is clearly something to do for every mood and every different person.

All in all I absolutely loved my stay at Hennan and felt fully recharged and energized after those 4 days of pure relaxation and I am very certain that it was not my last time here as I will definitely be coming back.

Thank you again Katharina for making this trip possible for me I am so grateful for the opportunity. This trip was exactly what I needed after 5 month of backpacking and the subsequential need to watch every single cent I spend.


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