CHillax Area Bed Station Hostel_ Lounge Area Bed Station Hostel_Small details at Bed Station Hostel_
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The Outside Bed Station Hostel_  Welcome at Bed Station Hostel_Dorm Room Bed Station Hostel_
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Private Rooms at Bed Station Hostel_I know, I know I said I am from now on always going to stay at the Cooper Hostel whenever I stay in Bangkok but when I arrived in freezing Bangkok this morning at 4 AM, after not getting a lot of sleep on the always freezing cold night bus from Chiang Mai, I had to break my word and find something with a 24 hour reception so that I could at least escape the cold and chill in a nice warm lobby.

And YIPPIE I got lucky and found the Bed Station Hostel, which also ended up being closer to bus station so I seriously got twice as lucky today. When I arrived at the Hostel at 4.30 AM without any reservation I was welcomed by a super nice guy that even apologized for not being able to offer me a bed straight away but told me I was more than welcome to relax and get some rest on the first floor, where half a dozen of bean bags simply invite you to chillax for a second and that’s exactly what I did. I made myself comfortable (everyone who has ever sat in one of those bean bags knows that this does not take long and that you won’t move for the next hours), put my headphones in and turned the world off.

The more I travel the more I learn to appreciate hostels with relaxed vibes and a cool interior and this place definitely has both. The style can probably best described as industry chic, think of red brick walls, concrete floors, furniture made out of aged woods and worn textures mixed with forged or welded metal. Small little decorative objects such as beautiful glass vases and big shells, that are placed on the rustically tables and wooden wall racks, add a feminine touch to this otherwise more masculine style.

The big old wooden table in the common area downstairs is the perfect place to linger around and meet some fellow travelers over a cup of coffee or tea during the day.

Oh and I frgot to mention that this gem is perfectly loated, just a 2 minute walk away from the walk from Ratchathewi BTS Station, which basically brings you to all major Bangkok destinations in no time and for super little fares.


All pictures by Bed Station Hostel

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