Morning Skies in Yangon
Beautiful Skys over Yangon
Illuminated Pagoda Yangon
Road to Bayogke Park Yangon
Mornings in Yangon
Morning Roads in Yangon

One of my favorite things to do whenever I get to a new city is to just put on my trainers and go for a run (preferably with the company of good weather but everything else is also ok). I simply love the combination of getting active while travelling and exploring a place that I have never been to while travelling.

So when I woke up yesterday morning at in beautiful Yangon in Myanmar, I put on my trainers and just went out on the street and went for a short little run, covering the major sights within the first hour of being awake. Every time I do this I am fascinated about how different the vibe of a city is this early in the morning. Everything is just so calm and relaxed and a lot of times I am able to enjoy the most beautiful sunrises that illuminate the cities in the most amazing colors.

The route I chose for my morning run led me from my place the 30th Corner Hostel, to the Shwedagon Pagoda via the road of the same name. From the Pagoda I went to the Bogyoke Park and enjoyed a little trip along the water, before heading back to the hostel. I loved this little run and for me it was just the perfect start into the day.

I know not everyone is an early riser but I would highly recommend you to try it out one day just to see the city you are in, in a very different light.

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