Bottle beach Koh Phangan
Colorful boat on bottle beach in Koh Phangan
Enjoying the view of Koh Phangans nature
Stunning views over Koh Phangan

After doing a 10 day detox program on Koh Phangan which was basically spent chilling and resting all day long, I felt ready to get active again and explore the beauty that this island had to offer. What better way to enjoy beautiful nature and scenic views than with a beautiful hike to one of the most remote beaches on Koh Phangan, namely bottle beach, which lies on the north coast of the island and can only be reached via the hike or a boat ride.

The start of this trek can be found at the end of the paved road (the pavement just literally stops and all left is just a bunch of steel structures and a little dirt road) that runs west from Chaloklum. My advice would be to rent a motorbike for a day, drive up till the end of the road and park your park there. Alternatively you can find a Songthaew that will drive you there, however make sure that you agree on a pick up time with the driver, as there is literally nothing at the drop off point and hence there will be no Songthaews passing by unless you let them know beforehand.

Bottle beach hike startFrom the end of the paved road continue walking on the dirt road and after 100m you will find a little wooden sign on the right hand sight, indicating the start of the 1.5 hour trail to bottle beach (see picture above). From here on you can simply concentrate on enjoying the lush greenery of the jungle, breathing in the clean and crisp air and listening to the sounds of nature. The first half of the trek can be quite a bit exhausting (especially if you attempt it right after a 10 day detox program where you don’t eat anything) as you will be hiking up the mountain, but when we got up to the top we were rewarded with an absolutely stunning view over the peaceful scenery of jungle and ocean.

After taking in the beautiful views, taking a ton of selfies for everyone back home and having a sip of water, we made our descent to the bay, where we were greeted by a beautiful white sand and turquoise water.

You have two different options for your way back you can either take a boat back to Chaloklum for around 200 THB or just simply enjoy the hike one more time. We opted for the hike back as we felt super refreshed and energized after a yummy coconut and a quick dip in the ocean and were happy with our choice, as this gave us the chance to see some new animals and find more beautiful viewpoints along the way that we didn’t discover on our way to the bay.
View over Koh PhanganPlease note that if you are in search of a nice quiet and remote beach on Koh Phangan, this might not be your best bet as it was way more touristy and less remote than we expected it to be. However as we choose the hike because we simply wanted to explore a bit more nature of this beautiful island and didn’t care too much about the destination we were more than pleased with bottle beach itself as it was the perfect place to rest and reenergize for our hike back.

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