No bad vibes at Rustic and Blue
Fresh teas Rustic and Blue
Ceilings at Rustic and Blue
Tea Selection at Rustic and Blue
Smoothie Bowl Rustic and Blue
Tea Wall at Rustic and Blue
Homemade Jam Rustic and Blue I found this cute little place called Rustic and Blue in on my last day in Chiang Mai yesterday, when I was looking for a cozy little space where I could enjoy a nice drink and get some work done and man I wish I would have discovered this place a lil earlier.

The interior is rather rustically but with a lot of warmth, it almost seems as if you are sitting in the kitchen of a big old farm somewhere outside the city. Oh and they have the most adorable backyard with nice big and comfy sofas that invite to linger while huge Dreamcatchers in all surrounding trees make sure you are not being disturbed by any negative vibes ;).

The Menu offer a wide range of healthy dishes, including several vegan options such as smoothie bowls (yeah finally I got one after 4 month of abstinence), homemade soy yoghurt and granola bowl and Chia Seed Pudding all sounded really delicious. I went for the smoothie bowl and it was really amazing, especially the homemade granola on top.

Before it became a restaurant this place was a simple teashop, which explains the huge variety of teas they offer. In the cafe there is whole wall of various kind of fragrant tea blends, created by the owner of the cafe, just smell all the different blends and pick your favorite one. Oh and this is the only cafe in Chiang Mai that offers fresh homemade Cashew milk for your teas and coffees, which is a super nice change from the usual Soymilk and just soooo much more delicious.

Prices are on the high side, but at the same time, the food is quite lovely and creatively put together, very different from what you’d get elsewhere. The ambience and service is wonderful as well. I definitely want to go back and try some more dishes and ALL different tea blends that they have.

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