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beyondtheordinary_Bohol_Man opening coconuts with his mouth

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At the beginning of the month I was lucky enough to have the opportunity to spend a short but absolutely beautiful 4 days on the stunning island of Bohol in the Philippines. While the majority of those days was spent enjoying all the luxury our Resort had to offer (read more about it here) we also used one day to adventure around the island and visit some of the incredible sights and landscapes that this little place in the Philippines has to offer.

After loading up our energy stores at the extensive and way too delicious breakfast buffet in the morning, we met our local tour guide and the little day trip around this beautiful island began.

Our first stop was the Bamboo Hanging Bridge that spans over the Sipatan River in Sevilla Bohol. When the bridge was first built a couple of years ago everything was made out of bamboo from the local forest. However over time the natural ropes started to deteriorate and were subsequently replaced with heavy metal ropes, resulting in a somewhat safer feeling. The short walk over the bridge is an adventure itself, with the bamboo making creaking sounds, the slight bounce and the swinging from side to side it feels more like a carnival ride without the safety straps.

On the other side of the bridge we were welcomed by a local family that offers some yummy coconut beverages to quench your thirst. After talking to them for a little while we found out that the dad actually holds the record for opening the most coconuts in a minute, only with the help of this bare hands and teeth – a very spectacular and fascinating way to open a coconut if you ask me.

Afterwards we made our way to visit one of the cutest little beings that I have ever seen, the tarsiers. They are such tiny, cute animals and when they stare at you through those over proportional big eyes your heart melts and you just want to take them home and cuddle those cuties all day.

Unfortunately we had to leave them behind when we made our way to the next and probably the most famous tourist attraction of Bohol, the Chocolate Hills. It is an extraordinary geological formation of more than 1,200 bigger and smaller hills that spread over an area of 50 square meters and are covered with grass that had a beautiful lush green color but turns brown during the dry season (hence the name). Until today there is a scientific disagreement about the natural origin of the hills, but according to the legend they are the tears of a heartbroken giant.

It is a shame that we only had a couple of days as Bohol has so much more to offer then the aforementioned sights, but I will for certain come back, especially to explore the beautiful caves that I have heard about.




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